Welcome to E&F Plastics!

E&F Plastics is a quality, customer oriented plastic fabrication facility. Driven by the needs of our customers, we have developed into one of the most capable shops in Silicon Valley.

Whether it involves CNC machining, polishing, welding or forming, we can provide you with a complete solution and the shortest lead times possible.

We also perform "outside process" and can help you focus your efforts on your core business, letting your shop do what they're best at.


We will take your CAD files, engineering drawings, or hand sketches and professionally manufacture to your specifications. In cases where there are no drawings, we will engineer a cost effective design, utilizing over 40 years of plastics fabrication experience.

Full Service Machining

We operate a fully equipped CNC machine shop dedicated to plastics. Please see our services page  for more detailed information.

Most of our machining is done without clamps or vises which gives us the ultimate in quick changeover from job to job.  With our CNC equipped facility run by experienced fabricators, we will efficiently manufacture your products with care and create assemblies with previously prohibitive tolerances.  Most other CNC shops run metals 99% of the time. This environment can be detrimental to plastics since they are very easily scratched.  At E&F Plastics, we run plastics all day, every day. From the start of a job, E&F Plastics will handle your materials properly, preventing costly re-polishing or other repairs, thereby reducing cost and lead time.

Let us quote you on your next project, or allow us to give you a competitive bid on current requirements. Have a "hot job?"We are the ones to call!


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